How to organize Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

This year has flown by, has not it? In the midst of so many events in Brazil and in the world, the month of December arrived and with it the commemorative dates of Christmas and the New Year . One of the best parts of these celebrations is the feelings of hope, solidarity, joy and unity that they bring to us, paving the way for the coming year and a willingness to set new goals and objectives in personal and professional life.

The Christmas supper is an important moment of these dates, and soon after the New Year festivities . But it always beats that doubt of how to organize these events and invite friends and family, as well as thinking about what to serve and how to decorate the dinners and lunches.

That’s why we at Eventbrite Brazil thought of this post, to guide event organizers to hold supper of those dates flawlessly. Come on!

How to organize the perfect Christmas dinner?

1 – Decoration

When we think of Christmas decoration the main colors that appear in our minds are red, white, green and gold, correct?

So invest in them and let go of your imagination, always being careful not to overdo it. Do not forget to include in your decoration list the Christmas trees, which are a symbol of that date!

You can start with a simple item such as the central tablecloth, which can be with Christmas print, plain or in neutral tones like white. Another item is the napkins that can be the simple and common that we already know, the decorated or even the cloth (which are fancy).

For the ornaments put on the candles, natural flowers, on the snowmen and those of Santa Claus ! For more decorating ideas , take a look at our post about table decoration for the Christmas Supper .

2 – Meals

But how to organize the perfect Christmas dinner ? Undoubtedly the typical foodsare very important items such as salpicão, turkey, tenderloin, Greek rice or oven rice, dried fruits and some kind of pasta to accompany. As an appetizer we suggest buns with pates and bruschetta, grapes raisins, you can also make a salad, with mayonnaise or to fall.

For dessert , white chocolate cheesecakes, in addition to being delicious, combine with the table decoration, the buckwheats also make a success as well as the traditional brigadeirão and panetones / chocotones!

For New Year’s Eve , gorgonzola cream, chicken baguette with cottage cheese, corn mousse with garlic, salads, dried fruits and for dessert a peach pavé or pudding of milk, this menu is guaranteed success! For the superstitious it is worth adding to the menu foods that are known at the end of the year for attracting luck like lentils, pomegranates, grapes, walnuts, hazelnuts, nuts and dates.

Do not forget to calculate the number of people and the amount of food to be served so as not to be lacking or to waste!

3 – Beverages

For Christmas the drinks that combine the most and that can be included in their special menu are the Cola or a Christmas punch and for the children drinks  like the lemon, mint and pomegranate that can be made with water with or without gas. For the new year the traditional is the champagne , however, for this party is worth everything, beer, vodka, energy, tequila and drinks of various flavors. Just be sure to have at ease water to avoid dehydration, especially if your party is on the beach .

4 – Secret Friend

Do not forget to separate a little, before midnight, for the gift exchanges of a secret friend ! The joke, besides being traditional, is a great way to bring family and friends together . In addition to the traditional exchange of gifts, what about organizing a “secret enemy” as well? Everyone can take a funny gift and sort of at the same time. Surely you and your family will have good reasons for laughter.

5 – Invitations

How about showing your family and friends how technologically you are !? As? It’s simple, organize your Christmas dinner and party through an online eventmanagement platform such as Eventbrite . You will have a customizable hotsite and make it the face of your family’s Christmas and New Year, send invitations with date, time and location map by e-mail, and get everyone’s presence confirmation the guests to have control of the guest list. See how simple, sustainable and free!

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