EuBEA2017 rewards the creativity, surprise and experience of one person

The EuBEA2017 awards (European Best Event Awards 2017) this year never cease to amaze me, for good and for less good, in any case, to reflect on what types of events are taking place in Europe, and where the trends are going. In this edition, the prize was taken by a simple idea, which turns a citizen into the protagonist of an unusual event, enjoying alone one night contemplating the works of the famous painter Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum , for being the visitor number 10 million low budget but full of genius. In the rest of the award-winning events, a lot of technology, quite a show and good amounts of euros invested in large-format events, although yes, with honorable exceptions that I will comment later. Spain won two awards from Otu Cinema for theIV Centenaruo of the Plaza Mayor , and Eventisimoand Grupo Abbsolute for the Andalusian Pavilion in Fitur 2017 .

A creative idea that turns an event into an experience not to forget, a simple idea that demonstrates once again the value of the human, and the importance of the protagonist, the public, in this case, only one person, Stefan Kasper, inhabitant of Haarlem, near the Dutch capital, and that took the great surprise of his life when upon entering the museum was received by its director and invited to spend the night in front of perhaps the most famous work of the art gallery: The Night Watch , of Rembrandt.

It was not necessary or technologies, or large sets, just a continent, the museum, and a person to make this event an unusual event that has aroused the interest of thousands of newspapers around the world, generating so many impacts that surely do not believe it . Frankly this kind of events reconcile me with nuJoris Bijdendijkestra industry, because they demonstrate once again that the creative idea is the nucleus on what everything else pivots, that with little budget (in this case, very little), customer confidence, and Of course the alliance of those who knew how to see beyond, like the directors of the museum, can be an event full of genius. Congratulations, because without technology and large sums of money, fantastic events can also be done, and that fills me with hope. #Of course,

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