EuBEA2017 rewards the creativity, surprise and experience of one person

The EuBEA2017 awards (European Best Event Awards 2017) this year never cease to amaze me, for good and for less good, in any case, to reflect on what types of events are taking place in Europe, and where the trends are going. In this edition, the prize was taken by a simple idea, which turns a citizen into the protagonist of an unusual event, enjoying alone one night contemplating the works of the famous painter Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum , for being the visitor number 10 million low budget but full of genius. In the rest of the award-winning events, a lot of technology, quite a show and good amounts of euros invested in large-format events, although yes, with honorable exceptions that I will comment later. Spain won two awards from Otu Cinema for theIV Centenaruo of the Plaza Mayor , and Eventisimoand Grupo Abbsolute for the Andalusian Pavilion in Fitur 2017 .

A creative idea that turns an event into an experience not to forget, a simple idea that demonstrates once again the value of the human, and the importance of the protagonist, the public, in this case, only one person, Stefan Kasper, inhabitant of Haarlem, near the Dutch capital, and that took the great surprise of his life when upon entering the museum was received by its director and invited to spend the night in front of perhaps the most famous work of the art gallery: The Night Watch , of Rembrandt.

It was not necessary or technologies, or large sets, just a continent, the museum, and a person to make this event an unusual event that has aroused the interest of thousands of newspapers around the world, generating so many impacts that surely do not believe it . Frankly this kind of events reconcile me with nuJoris Bijdendijkestra industry, because they demonstrate once again that the creative idea is the nucleus on what everything else pivots, that with little budget (in this case, very little), customer confidence, and Of course the alliance of those who knew how to see beyond, like the directors of the museum, can be an event full of genius. Congratulations, because without technology and large sums of money, fantastic events can also be done, and that fills me with hope. #Of course,

How to organize Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

This year has flown by, has not it? In the midst of so many events in Brazil and in the world, the month of December arrived and with it the commemorative dates of Christmas and the New Year . One of the best parts of these celebrations is the feelings of hope, solidarity, joy and unity that they bring to us, paving the way for the coming year and a willingness to set new goals and objectives in personal and professional life.

The Christmas supper is an important moment of these dates, and soon after the New Year festivities . But it always beats that doubt of how to organize these events and invite friends and family, as well as thinking about what to serve and how to decorate the dinners and lunches.

That’s why we at Eventbrite Brazil thought of this post, to guide event organizers to hold supper of those dates flawlessly. Come on!

How to organize the perfect Christmas dinner?

1 – Decoration

When we think of Christmas decoration the main colors that appear in our minds are red, white, green and gold, correct?

So invest in them and let go of your imagination, always being careful not to overdo it. Do not forget to include in your decoration list the Christmas trees, which are a symbol of that date!

You can start with a simple item such as the central tablecloth, which can be with Christmas print, plain or in neutral tones like white. Another item is the napkins that can be the simple and common that we already know, the decorated or even the cloth (which are fancy).

For the ornaments put on the candles, natural flowers, on the snowmen and those of Santa Claus ! For more decorating ideas , take a look at our post about table decoration for the Christmas Supper .

2 – Meals

But how to organize the perfect Christmas dinner ? Undoubtedly the typical foodsare very important items such as salpicão, turkey, tenderloin, Greek rice or oven rice, dried fruits and some kind of pasta to accompany. As an appetizer we suggest buns with pates and bruschetta, grapes raisins, you can also make a salad, with mayonnaise or to fall.

For dessert , white chocolate cheesecakes, in addition to being delicious, combine with the table decoration, the buckwheats also make a success as well as the traditional brigadeirão and panetones / chocotones!

For New Year’s Eve , gorgonzola cream, chicken baguette with cottage cheese, corn mousse with garlic, salads, dried fruits and for dessert a peach pavé or pudding of milk, this menu is guaranteed success! For the superstitious it is worth adding to the menu foods that are known at the end of the year for attracting luck like lentils, pomegranates, grapes, walnuts, hazelnuts, nuts and dates.

Do not forget to calculate the number of people and the amount of food to be served so as not to be lacking or to waste!

3 – Beverages

For Christmas the drinks that combine the most and that can be included in their special menu are the Cola or a Christmas punch and for the children drinks  like the lemon, mint and pomegranate that can be made with water with or without gas. For the new year the traditional is the champagne , however, for this party is worth everything, beer, vodka, energy, tequila and drinks of various flavors. Just be sure to have at ease water to avoid dehydration, especially if your party is on the beach .

4 – Secret Friend

Do not forget to separate a little, before midnight, for the gift exchanges of a secret friend ! The joke, besides being traditional, is a great way to bring family and friends together . In addition to the traditional exchange of gifts, what about organizing a “secret enemy” as well? Everyone can take a funny gift and sort of at the same time. Surely you and your family will have good reasons for laughter.

5 – Invitations

How about showing your family and friends how technologically you are !? As? It’s simple, organize your Christmas dinner and party through an online eventmanagement platform such as Eventbrite . You will have a customizable hotsite and make it the face of your family’s Christmas and New Year, send invitations with date, time and location map by e-mail, and get everyone’s presence confirmation the guests to have control of the guest list. See how simple, sustainable and free!

The Importance of Certificate in Events

There are plenty of academic conferences today compared to the past. This leads us to a simple question: “How important is event certificate?” Below are 8 important event certificate reasons. 

Presenting an article / project is one of the main objectives of an academic conference participant.

The presenter will have the chance to present a paper in front of colleagues from the same or similar study areas and will be able to receive positive feedback and constructive criticism about their research.

1. Network for future collaborations

The exchange of ideas on fields of interest creates the links for future collaborations around the world.

Attending an academic conference is an opportunity to build networks with other academics and experts in the same or similar field of study across the globe and share thoughts about recent advances and technological advancements.

And proof of an event certificate is an opportunity to expand the knowledge one has and improve performance in achieving institutional goals.

Conferences bring together people who share a common discipline from different parts of the world, bringing different forms of ideas that become something bigger.

As you advance, participate, and earn event certification, you build a network of people who can raise your workload to greater heights as you achieve shared goals.

2. Publication

Another common reason for attending a conference is undoubtedly publication.

Event annals and Proceedings are always a good way to publish and index your search. With a certificate of attendance of events, it becomes easier to have papers / abstracts accepted for conferences.

3. Socialization and the culture factor

Meeting new people with different cultures and dispositions illuminates your way of thinking in your field of study.

An event attendance certificate can demonstrate that you have witnessed some of the many different aspects and solutions that exist about the same issues.

Because by socializing with your colleagues in coffee breaks, lunches and social activities, you have certainly learned more about the cultural tradition of other people.

4. Find out what’s new

It is vital to discover what’s new in your field of study to survive in an academic discipline. By verifying attendance at events, you show how much you keep up to date on the new discoveries.

This is, in fact, one of the main reasons why someone should attend an academic conference.

5. Certificate adds search value

When you attend an academic conference, he or she will surely meet people of your same stature, mentality and goals. This is a motivational factor as it aspires to overcome fears and achieve your dreams.

For students and researchers, academic conferences help facilitate research on a particular subject. And with the certificate it will be easier to have access to various research activities related to a certain subject. As well as the current discoveries and developments that are expected of them.


In today’s rapidly changing world, attending a conference and being certified has become a trophy to survive in academia.

Many academics are aware of this fact as the number of conferences and participants increases.

We look forward to cooperating with you in a conference, please contact us and ask any questions!

Planning an Event: 7 Ideas to Increase Attendance

Planning an event takes a lot of time and effort, but it can be less complicated if you plan ahead and use the right resources in the process.

The process becomes much easier if you have a team of people willing to take on specific event promotion tasks.

Planning an event can cause much less stress for everyone involved if the team is prepared.

If you want all the events you produce to be sold, or want to get a respectable number of subscriptions, here are some creative ideas you can try to increase presence numbers at your event.

1.  Organize a free online seminar

For business-related events or those that offer some kind of specialization, a webnário can provide a preview of what to expect and can generate expectation for the event.

If you can provide valuable information to the online seminar for free, participants will be excited about what lies ahead.

2. Use Storytelling

Share personal Storytelling from people who participated in the event in the past and what it means to them.

Storytelling usually has better results and conversions.

3. Share what happens behind the scenes

Take your audience on a trip and showcase exclusive footage behind the scenes of your event to create animation.

This can be organizing photos, pre-event interviews on what to expect or even a Feed live with the organizers.

4. Ensure that the visual identity of the event is consistent

Share social networking support materials, such as pictures or videos, with those who will be promoting the event on your behalf, as industry influencers, speakers, or sponsors.

To plan a successful event, make the process as easy as possible to schedule and share content. So, try creating custom images for each interested party.

5. Prioritize your goals so you can stay on track

Everyone has goals and intentions in mind when planning an event .

So, to get more ticket sales, to raise awareness with a specific audience or even to attract more sponsors, set your goals well.

To set the goals well:

  • Make a list of what you want to achieve. And what your boss or client expects to achieve.
  • Quantify your list.
  • Reorder the list so that your most important goals are at the top of the list.
  • Take stock of the time, money and resources you have available to you.
  • Know your deadlines

6. Use social networks

A proven and proven event marketing tactic is to use social networking, which can be a great tool to promote an event.

Remember to keep your audience in mind and choose the right social networking platforms to suit your audience.

For example, older audiences may be better able to read a newspaper’s section of events, while a younger, more tech savvy audience can find things to do by browsing on event sites.

One of the most effective ways to advertise your event is on social networking pages because it is free and can reach a very large audience:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

On these platforms, you can also capture followers to help promote your event.

7. Use blog

Never underestimate the power of blogging. This is one of the most effective tools you have available for dissemination and engagement for the event.

Your blog should focus on the purpose of the event, it will inform how to educate or entertain the participants.

Creating blog content can boost your rankings in search engines when people are researching information.

You can still post articles from the event speakers, this will give you more exposure.

plan an event

8. It’s time to plan an event!

As you promote your next event, take advantage of these ideas to ensure the success of your event.

The good news is that your event can be marketed successfully even if you are operating on a small budget.

Use your imagination, be creative and try out different promotion techniques.

Things to Know Before Visiting Uruguay

The city
In Atlántida you can find fun and activities for all ages. Be on the beach enjoying the sun and the sea, in the nightclubs dancing until dawn, visiting outdoor events or strolling through the shops and fairs. From Atlántida you have the best way to know Uruguay, you have access to all the routes in the country. In addition, Carrasco International Airport is only 25 minutes away by car.

Indispensable to know for your holidays in Uruguay
Uruguay is known as one of the safest countries in South and Central America. But just the same you should always take care of your belongings. This is worth more than anything for tourist areas and larger cities, where there may be opportunists. You should not leave your wallet and / or valuables on top of car seats.

The arrival
The membership of a passport with a validity of at least six months is requested.
It is not necessary to have a Visa, since upon entering the country you will be granted a document with a validity of 90 days that will be returned on your departure. For travelers with children, it is recommended to bring your own passport with a photographic image. But entry is also possible, if the child’s data is registered in the passport of the accompanying parent.

Uruguay does not present diseases that risk its health. On the other hand, medical services are very effective.

The weather

In Uruguay, the climate is mild. In summer the temperature is between 25-35 degrees.
Winter is mild and the temperature is between 5-12 degrees Celsius. There are no strong seasons of rain or drought. From November to April you can enjoy pleasant baths on the coast. Uruguay presents a beach with more than 200km in length, in which you can find places with a lot of movement as well as others with a lot of tranquility.

The population
The population is very cordial, it is very cheerful and there is no discrimination. We have the same codes of manners as in (Sud-) Europe.

The value of professional agencies organizing events in institutional events and local protocol

On the occasion of the VI University Congress of Communication and Events to be held in Madrid on the 15th and 16th of November 2018, under the theme of the local protocol,which brings together a large part of the institutional heads of a large number of public administrations, I would like to raise some reflections addressed to these professionals, about what the event agencies can contribute in this type of institutional events so that they stop being considered as mere suppliers.

Grupo de trabajo eventos

In institutional events it is very important to take into account the personalities that will attend and the institution that organizes the event, as well as their representatives, but this does not mean that the event has to lack creativity and agility, regardless of the budget with the let it be counted Seriousness is not at odds with dynamism and entertainment, because a solemn and serious act can also be entertaining, it is a matter of combining different elements that do not detract from the seriousness of the event to be performed.

Perhaps a reflection should be made on what is really important in this type of events, if they tend to respond to the marked objective, to the messages that are to be transmitted, to the protocol to be followed, to a good staging, or to have an integrating vision in the design of the event that combines objectives and interests, and that is where the professional event organization agencies can become true allies of the institutional managers in charge of carrying out this type of event.

As an example we can see the event organized by the Women for Africa Foundation for the presentation of the Phare Nador project of the Women for Africa Foundation in northern Morocco, dedicated to generating, transmitting and sharing knowledge among African women. I am aware that it is not a local event, but perhaps it will help us to see how there can be a good balance between institutional decisions and the final outcome of the event.

The event was held in July 2018 at the headquarters of Endesa in Madrid, and an event organizing agency participated in its organization: EDT, which was responsible for the staging and production of the event, a training center for organizing events, ISEMCO , who contributed a large number of interns to collaborate in the complicated protocol of this event and, of course, the promoters.

An event of great solemnity chaired by HM La Reina Letizia, honorary president of the Foundation, and attended by important personalities of the state, including the President of the Congress, the Vice President of the Government Past President of the Government, President of the Autonomous Community, and 6 ministers of the then recently released executive, African ambassadors, mayors, presidents of deputies and personalities of the business world.

The EDT agency  designed a differential space that, as indicated in its blog, followed “the graphic line of warm colors that identifies the foundation” and created “an atmosphere that differentiated the presentation of the rest of the space and that, in addition, counted with three differentiated functional areas “, an exhibition area, the stage area and an area with a large photocall.

In order to avoid waiting times given the complex protocol of arrivals of authorities, greeting lines and brief ‘networking’ of. All the main authorities, a photography exhibition entitled ‘Luces de Nador’ was designed, where the attendees of the event were able to enjoy numerous portraits of the women of the city of Nador until the act began.

At the entrance EDT  arranged a large photocall and a press platform in which the personalities invited to the event posed for the media and that was available for those who wanted to immortalize the moment.

In the central part, the main assembly was located, featuring a circular platform stage with two giant screens, where Monica Carrillo, presenter of the act, was giving way to the representatives of the project.

The speeches were very brief and in different formats (something to think about, since it is very much a game to change or combine lecterns with other types of scenography), brief words from the lectern, to give way to a round table in which Ana Botín, president of Banco Santander, Bárbara Hendrix, member of the Foundation’s Advisory Council, and Roberto Fernández, president of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities, commented on the need to solve the situation that women live in Africa every day .

The event was energized with several videos and people who narrated experiences, musical performance and testimonies, who gave great agility and rhythm to this event whose solemnity did not take a whit of protagonism to the objectives of this, the personalities that attended and the public that He participated and he perceived it in an endearing way.

A perfect combination of professionals who understood very well what objectives had to be achieved.

The challenge of the local protocol

The VI Congress raises the need to “reclaim the local protocol space, as well as define the new role or role of those responsible to the society of the XXI century,” and it is not for less, especially if we look at the figures that make up the local structure in Spain: more than eight thousand municipalities, fifty councils and island councils and hundreds of smaller local entities.

I consider it a success of the VI Congress to offer the opportunity to local experts about the events they carry out, their protocol, their communication, their image and projection, and to do so from a debate rich in ideas, proposals and knowledge transfer, because if something I have clare, is that we are facing the weakest link in resources to design good events, but richer in capacity, day-to-day experience and greater proximity to citizens.

To all these professionals of the local protocol I also encourage you to interact with the agencies organizing events, because among all, we can enrich our actions and, what is more important, work for the visibility of a profession that is still understood by many, such as catering, parties and boatos.

Event agencies, more than suppliers

From the professional perspective, I believe that many institutions should start to see professional event companies as more than mere suppliers of production, catering or technology, and trust a little more in what they can contribute, without the excuse that depleted budgets prevent hiring agencies to organize events.

I consider that one of the main areas of possible change in institutional events is the program itself, the sequences themselves, usually very saturated with repetitive and long-term discourses, with a predetermined script where the protagonists are the main authorities, not very conducive to shorten their interventions, without being aware that what is important is the objective and to connect with the audiences they are addressed to, through the word, but also of visual elements, staging, technologies, or introducing dynamic and participatory activities that prevent attendees from looking at the clock at all times.

An event is pure live communication, and therefore we only have an opportunity to connect with our audiences, but we can not achieve it without introducing greater dynamism and enabling, as far as possible, the involvement of the attendees.

Protocol, security, solemnity, seriousness, are hallmarks of institutional events, but if we add creativity and great quality, the event becomes a true communication strategy that will bring good returns to the institution that organizes it. If we also want the event to be covered by the media, an agile and dynamic design is still more important, which provides added value, generating content before, during and after the event to guarantee interest on the part of the media.

Why have a professional event agency

For all this, I think it is important to have professional agencies to organize events in institutional events, because they provide many strengths, among others:

  • Experience
  • Integrative vision of the event and ability to design it strategically.
  • They create added value, without it supposing a bigger budget.
  • Alliances, the event organization agencies have important agreements with companies providing technology, catering, furniture, space management, etc. These alliances allow to diminish the budgets of these services.
  • Ability to analyze the client’s needs and identify their strengths and weaknesses, making creative and imaginative proposals
  • They present several event proposals depending on the objective and have a great capacity and agility to make the modifications that the institutional client considers.
  • They adjust to the budget by prefixing, giving the best options to make it profitable and that the event is not harmed.
  • They carry out the technical production work, providing solutions that add value to the event.
  • It has teams of highly versatile and multidisciplinary professionals, which allows to address all parts of the event to obtain good results.
  • They know how to design experiential events and actions that guarantee the participation and interaction of the audience, achieving the desired engagement .
  • They maximize the reach of the message as much as possible so that it reaches the maximum public and are able to measure and quantify as many indicators of performance as possible.
  • Track the event and measure results.

And, above all, even if you think otherwise, they lower your budget and provide guarantees of quality and good functioning. Therefore it would be good to talk about this issue in the VI Congressand something of great importance, the contracts and tenders that public administrations do for the organization of events and that are sometimes written by officials who do not know what it means to organize an event , others are not very transparent, or with such clauses that do not make it feasible to enter the event.

I do not want to stop expressing my gratitude to the promoters of the VI Congress for propitiating a topic of so much interest, the local protocol. Of course, I do not intend to miss this appointment.